SHINee Tokyo Dome Photobook! Part 6

Okay, these last few aren’t going to be that great of quality…

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And that’s it! 😀 Thanks for your patience! It was a lot, right? Nonetheless, I hope you liked them^^

By the way, the Tokyo Dome DVD + Blu Ray is officially OUT in Japan and Korea!! Yay! 😀 Congratulations to all the Shawols who were able to pre-order and enjoy them! I’m sure you will 😉


Rookie actress Jo Woo Ri cast in “The Descendant of the Sun” as role of Onew’s girlfriend!

It has been confirmed that rookie actress Jo Woo Ri will be acting in KBS’ upcoming drama “The Descendant of the Sun” alongside big names such as Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki.

Jo Woo Ri has been cast as the role of Doctor Jang, who is also the fiancée of SHINee Onew’s character. Onew is set to take on the role of Lee Chi Hoon, a doctor and member of a medical service team. The actress will be playing out a love line with Onew’s character from beginning to end.

Source: Naver

Shawols, MVPs, what do you think? I’m super excited!! 😀

SWJ + official update

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So, the reason for all the SWJ + updates, is that they’re getting ready for the release of their Tokyo Dome DVD + Blu Ray.

That’s why they’re showing Tokyo Dome stuff^^ It comes out July 1st. Very soon! 😀

For anyone who doesn’t know, and is wondering, why they look like that–they’re disguising themselves. It’s a VCR they had during Tokyo Dome. They wanted to see what the SHINee World Japan Fansite was like, so to avoid being tackled, they disguised themselves xD Minho was the nerd, Onew was the businessman, Key was just a woman, and Taemin and Jonghyun were school girls. It’s really pretty funny and the events that happened made it one of my favorite VCRs 😀

Watch it if you haven’t already!^^

SWJ + official update

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Taemin and Minho oppa have me speechless!

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s why they’re by biases!!! ❤ They just look…well, they all do…but Taemin and Minho…*Squeals* My favorites would be the ones to wear black, too! Look at Minho’s pose! The horse…it’s…they’re…I’m gone! Bye!