Jonghyun INS updates

“Today starting struggle from 7 o’clock…
The mark of heroes…
You worked hard…”

“I thought I will finish it at 2:34 ….”

“Because I did it…Now…Even if it’s finished…isn’t it okay..?”

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Jonghyun’s 2013 car accident

Do newbie Shawols ever wonder why “Why So Serious?” had four members?

Jonghyun was in a car accident and was recovering in the hospital. He wasn’t in the MV and missed out on some of the promotions for “Why So Serious?” 😦 But he came back a couple of weeks later! πŸ˜€

On April 1st at 3:40AM, Jonghyun was driving in the vicinity of Seoul Dongho Bridge. He was on his way back from his home in Gangbuk to the dorm in Gangnam.

The cause? It was said to be Jonghyun’s inexperience :/ But, no, it wasn’t anything illegal! Just carelessness, really. He grazed into the right-side of a taxi and then he ran into the guardrails afterwards.

The injuries weren’t severe. The taxi driver had minor bruises and Jonghyun fractured his nasal bone.

So Jonghyun had to have surgery for his nose and recovered in the hospital for a little while.

He apologized for making everyone worry and apologized for his carelessness πŸ˜€

What’s the difference between main and lead?

Some people find roles in groups a little confusing–so I’ll explain it πŸ˜‰

First of all, let’s have a recap of our boys’ roles.

Onew: Lead Vocalist

Jonghyun: Main Vocalist

Key: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer

Minho: Main Rapper

Taemin: Main Dancer

Now what’s the difference? Main Singer, Main Dancer, and Main Rapper are best in singing, dancing, and rapping. Not that the others aren’t good, of course, they’re just the best respectively.

Leads are second best to Mains. Mains get more challenging parts than the Leads.

For example, Jonghyun always has the long/high notes and Onew rarely ever gets them. That’s because Jonghyun is the Main Vocalist and Onew is the Lead Vocalist. Taemin is always dancing in front during the chorus and gets solo dances because he’s the Main Dancer. The reason Minho always raps in a song and sometimes Key doesn’t (or they both will but Minho usually gets more) is because Minho is the Main Rapper and Key is the Lead Rapper.

Does that make sense?

If you have any questions, let me know! πŸ˜€

Key INS update

“yah! yah! yah! yah! yah! why are you eating my script? #intheheights #keysnavi #fendi”

cr: bumkeyk thaluuu

Note: “Yah” is Korean for like “hey”! As if we were to say: “Hey, stop!” πŸ™‚

Which SHINee member’s designed T-shirt/cap do you like best?

This is a collaboration they did with Sketchers back in 2013 πŸ˜€

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(Note: We all know how his nickname is “Tofu”, right? Or “Dubu”? So he did a happy tofu with it’s arms making a heart πŸ˜€ )


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(Note: Jonghyun’s nickname is “Bling Bling Jonghyun”. So he did some bling πŸ˜‰ )


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(Note: It says: “Key’s bowtie are cool” ^^ With a random moustache? o.O)


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(Note: His nickname is “Flaming Charisma”. He did cute little flames with faces!!! ❀ )


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(Note: Taemin used paper clips to spell out his birthday “0718”! πŸ˜€ )

So which one is your favorite? ^^