Why did Onew cry at the end of “Rainy Blue”?

The title of this post has been in my mind ever since I first saw the performance.

They were all emotional that day and I understand that their dream came true to be able to perform at Tokyo Dome. I told myself that and never thought much about it. Though, I still wondered if it was anything more than that.

Well, other Shawols had theories and I think it makes sense and a great reason as to why he would cry. Of course, he doesn’t need a reason. He could just get into it! πŸ˜‰ I was just a little surprised by him getting emotional like that because he’s not usually like that. He doesn’t necessarily not cry like Taemin and Minho but he doesn’t cry a lot like Jonghyun or Key, either. He’s somewhere in the middle XD

Some of you might have already heard of this theory…but here it is!

Do we all know about Onew’s throat surgery? Recap! In around February of 2014 Onew’s throat ached and he couldn’t perform in his scheduled musical “Singin’ in the Rain”. On the 3rd of June Onew underwent surgery: polyp removal and mucous membrane reconstruction.

It was…hmm…June until September or October that Onew fully recovered. I think he said it was three months. He said those three months were the hardest time in his life. He couldn’t talk, he laid in bed all day, and he couldn’t sing. He hated it. He was frustrated that he couldn’t sing. He basically had to train his voice all over again. He had to train his voice to do high notes, long notes, etc. He said it was so hard that he just wanted to give up and actually thought about quitting his career. The other members were there supporting him and everything–he said if it wasn’t for their encouragement and love, he doesn’t know how would have made it. They helped him fight. Of course, he thought about the fans, too.

Well, Onew recovered three months later and people say he sings even better! Is that even possible? πŸ˜› Doesn’t it make you proud? Just makes you love him more, right? πŸ˜‰ ❀

Well, onto the theory!

The composer of “Rainy Blue”, Hideaki Tokunaga, went through everything Onew did. He had the surgery, he struggled, and the experience changed his life. After he recovered from his surgery, he composed and sang “Rainy Blue” as his first comeback after the surgery.

Let’s think about this for a second!

Onew picks that song to sing at Tokyo Dome–a song with so much connection and meaning! Who wouldn’t cry?

I think this theory makes perfect sense. It isn’t a fact but does it really need to be?


4 thoughts on “Why did Onew cry at the end of “Rainy Blue”?

  1. Great post, T4L! πŸ˜€ I often wondered where this song came from. Thanks for the intel! πŸ™‚

    I’ve never heard this theory, for I too thought he just got into it. But I might think differently now. I knew this ordeal was tough on him. To not sing or talk for awhile is pretty horrible, but even worse for a singer. Shame on him for even thinking about quitting, good thing he had SHINee to smack some sense into him πŸ˜› SHINee can’t be SHINee without our leader: Onew πŸ™‚


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