Jonghyun’s father

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Now this is an old pic back in…2010?

cr: to the owner

Now they look close, right?

Not really the case…

Ever since Jonghyun was a kid he’s wanted to sing and music was his career. His father disagreed with him and didn’t support him 😦 He had a really big disagreement with him back then and he even bought a guitar in secret–to keep it from him and he didn’t want him to get angry.

Ever since then, things haven’t been the same. It’s not like he was ever really close with him to begin with. His father was always away on business trips and Jonghyun never really grew up with him.

“Appa” is a topic Jonghyun never starts and no one ever talks about it, asks him about it, or even thinks about it. He just isn’t close with his father–I mean, I’m sure there’s some love there, of course…but…yeah.

Jonghyun’s life has been a little hard and he even cried when he talked about it on his episode of “4 Things Show” back when he debuted with “Base”. He said he was judged and kept everything inside to himself. The only people he’s ever been close with are his mother and sister. He takes care of them and calls himself the “man of the house”.

He felt his father didn’t support him and belittled his feelings and not take himself seriously. I heard something from another Shawol once who said his father even said to him (about his music career): “Don’t try. You’ll fail and you’re not good. It isn’t worth it”. Can you believe how horrible that sounds coming from your own father?! I’m not sure if those words are true and I hope they aren’t 😦

His father acts nice to him but it’s because of money, I imagine. Or he could just be trying to make it up to him because Jonghyun proved him wrong 🙂 Who knows?

Jonghyun’s basically like whatever about it.

Well, anyway, I hope they settle their differences one of these days. I do think love is there on both sides, so I hope that will help with patching it up.

Just know that your mother, sister, and Shawols will always support you, Jonghyun oppa! 😀 ❤




8 thoughts on “Jonghyun’s father

  1. Nice post, T4L. Yeah, it’s too bad about this 😦 But maybe things will get fixed between them. I don’t understand why his father wouldn’t support his singing career — I mean what’s so bad about a life like that? At least Jonghyun did what he wanted to in life, even though he had no support from his father.


    • “Every time I open my eyes, it gets clearer. Something you’ve never even imagined. The absolute thing that you should never set as a goal. You’re always right and I’m wrong” from Only One You Need – his father’s belittling of him!


  2. I can relate. My dad once said he didn’t believe I could finish uni and that was the most hurtful thing he’s ever said to me. I still try to prove hm wrong, which I shouldn’t because it’s my life and not his.

    Makes total sense why Jonghyun doesn’t talk about it. What is your source btw? Just the 4 Things Show, or other places as well?


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