What’s the difference between main and lead?

Some people find roles in groups a little confusing–so I’ll explain it 😉

First of all, let’s have a recap of our boys’ roles.

Onew: Lead Vocalist

Jonghyun: Main Vocalist

Key: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer

Minho: Main Rapper

Taemin: Main Dancer

Now what’s the difference? Main Singer, Main Dancer, and Main Rapper are best in singing, dancing, and rapping. Not that the others aren’t good, of course, they’re just the best respectively.

Leads are second best to Mains. Mains get more challenging parts than the Leads.

For example, Jonghyun always has the long/high notes and Onew rarely ever gets them. That’s because Jonghyun is the Main Vocalist and Onew is the Lead Vocalist. Taemin is always dancing in front during the chorus and gets solo dances because he’s the Main Dancer. The reason Minho always raps in a song and sometimes Key doesn’t (or they both will but Minho usually gets more) is because Minho is the Main Rapper and Key is the Lead Rapper.

Does that make sense?

If you have any questions, let me know! 😀


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