Seek Magazine Japan Volume 6 (LQ/HQ previews)

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Whew! Thanks for bearing with me! πŸ˜€

I think they appear in a Seek Magazine (or two) every year. SHINee World-J has easy access to it (of course), so thanks to them for sharing! πŸ˜€

Two side notes! One: Minho is done shooting for his drama. Two: SHINee World 2016 Tour will begin in January. Wait for further details on that, please.

There! I just wanted to throw those out there! πŸ˜€


Onew’s injured?! o.O

Okay, I just found out something about Onew.

Now this is such a little thing (so don’t worry) that it was SO hard for me to find information it. But I didn’t give up and I have my ways πŸ˜‰

So, they didn’t perform “MTTM” at the SWCIV in Bangkok because Onew has a muscle injury (what muscle I don’t know). They took “MTTM” off the setlist because the Manager told SWCIV staff that doing that performance would be too risky for Onew.

We wouldn’t want that “flying part” to injure him more, right? But like I said, don’t worry. He did the entire concert and he smiled and had fun. It was just a safety precaution πŸ˜€

Get well soon, oppa! ❀

Fun facts!

Jonghyun has the habit of getting lost in thought while listening to music. (Me too!)

Key once said he wanted to do WGM (We Got Married) with BoA! (That would be interesting)

The members didn’t sleep for three days while recording the “Sherlock” MV.

Onew can spin a laptop with one finger.

Key has five ear piercings. (Two on his right ear and three on his left)

Onew likes brushing his teeth for a long time.

Onew once drank an energy drink before debut and yelled, “I feel the power!” (Dork XD )

Jonghyun likes resting his arms on peoples’ shoulders.

Minho’s signature move (when he wins any type of game) is placing his pointer finger on his lips and pointing it to the sky.

Jonghyun is SHINee’s ghost story teller.

Taemin wants to tell fans one by one he loves them. (Awww! ❀ )

Onew thinks he’s normal and nothing special. (Of course, you’re special!)

When Minho gets angry the members will call him “Meanho”!

And now I officially used up all the facts I could find! πŸ˜€

I thought I already did but I found these and saw I didn’t post them yet.

Poor Key…

This got me mad! 😑 Let me explain this before I go on my “Venting Time”…

This is the first fansign they did in Thailand, so I’m sure LOTS of Thai fans have been waiting to get autographs from their bias. However, you could only get one autograph from one member and it’s decided by picking out their name.

There’s this one fan (a Blinger) who wanted Jonghyun’s autograph but she got Key’s instead. While she was in Key’s line, she wasΒ  rushing over to Jonghyun’s line to get an autograph from him! But security had to (literally) drag her and pull her back to Key’s line while she was crying–throwing a tantrum, you could say! -_-

Key was watching this the whole time with no expression on his face whatsoever (poor thing) and when the fan went to get her autograph–she practically threw the album in front of Key and ignored him (didn’t even say anything and didn’t even look at him) the whole time he was signing. She snatched it from him when he was done and then left. Poor Key was kinda awkward and just signed the album. What’s there for him to say, really? He saw everything…so yeah.

“T4L’s Venting Time”

Now I understand you would want an autograph from your bias (and it was pretty stupid how this fansign didn’t work like others by giving you an autograph from all members) but come on! Be happy you got any autograph! From any of the members! I know I would be! I would be thrilled!

How could a Shawol even treat a member like that? Think about how Key felt! *Sigh*

I’m interested to hear what other Shawols (and Lockets) have to say on this matter.

Check out the video below (girl in pink shirt)!