Onew’s drama update

“Descendants of the Sun” was supposed to air this September. However, KBS confirmed it will be February of 2016!

I would have a “T4L’s venting time” if I felt like it–but I don’t.

Just… -_-

*Deep sigh*


Enough said!

SHINee official website update!

“[From. Minho]
Because It’s The First Time

Really Thank You for today.. ^^
Today! My shoulder rose to the sky~~~
I’ll return it with a good drama !
Please look forward to it ~~~

Shawol.. Are always..
First to me! ….”


So cute ❤

(Note: At the “Because it’s the First Time” event, Minho’s fansites sent him a food cart and made a banner. The fansites were “Canusmile”, “Felicity”, and “Mr. Minho”)

Taemin and Onew!

This is someone’s INS update (old picture, new post) but I forget who >.<

I think it has something to do with Coex 🙂

cr: to the owner

Someone say it! That’s right! Tokyo Dome era! That was the only time Taemin was blond this year XD

(I like pictures of them recording. They always look cute with headphones on, too!)

Grand K-Pop Festival!

I don’t think I said Taemin will be attending the Grand K-Pop Festival tomorrow! I thought I should tell you guys so you aren’t surprised when you see pictures 😛

He’ll be performing four songs. Ace, Experience, Danger, Pretty Boy!

Yay! 😀