SWJ + update

“As we enter September, the weather has become cooler and our peaceful days continue to pass~
The SHINee members, too, are doing different individual activities in Korea—guesting in events and appearing in dramas.

In the midst of those, there is an announcement about the release of a new single, right?
Let’s reveal just a bit of the recording time (for that single) with the members…

Actually, all the members finished (the recordings) earlier than the time allotted for them. When they were just starting to sing in Japanese, they had troubles particularly in pronouncing “tsu” and “zu”. but it seems that now they are able to form (the syllables) in their mouths without trouble. That alone is proof that they are gradually getting better in Japanese.

During the recording, the members enter the studio to record in turns and this time, the order is Taemin → Key → Onew → Jonghyun. Onew arrived at the studio an hour earlier than his designated time. While eating his meal, he talked with Key and Taemin, then he watched over Key’s recording. He finished his recording with a calm and gentle atmosphere from beginning to end. Because of his schedule, Minho was unable to come in on the same day of the others’ recording, but he easily went through his own recording on another day.

The members will be happy if everyone would listen to their new song, so please look forward to it!”


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tr.cr: @keihissi

We’ll look forward to it! 😀

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