This is so cute! :D

This is from “Seek of Treasure”. There’s only a Taemin focus (hehe, fellow Taemint) and no subs. But it’s still cute and you can understand what’s going on ^^

They’re doing a game where their timed and they have to go in a line of taking turns and guessing what the member is acting out.

Minho to Taemin, Taemin to Jonghyun, Jonghyun to Onew, Onew to Key and then that pattern repeats itself.

I think they had like two minutes? Anyway, they’re so adorable!

Ah, our boys โค

Vote for SHINee at MAMA!

MAMA 2015 (or Mnet Asian Music Awards) has a total of seven nominations for SHINee (this includes Jonghyun but five as a group).

SHINee’s first MAMA nomination is “Best Male Group”!

SHINee’s (Jonghyun) second MAMA nomination is “Best Male Solo”!

SHINee’s third MAMA nomination is “Best Music Video”! (I’m not sure if this is for “View” or “MTTM” but I would guess the latter. Or maybe that’s just me because I hated the “View” MV)

SHINee’s fourth MAMA nomination is “Best Male Dance Performance”! (It might be “View” and “MTTM” together as like an overall thing)

SHINee’s fifth and sixth MAMA nomination is “Artist of the Year”! (SHINee and Jonghyun)

SHINee’s final and seventh nomination is “Song of the Year” with “View”!

Here’s some links to show them support and how to vote! ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh, and voting is from October 30th until December 1st.

Voting link:


Make a Japan account to vote for SHINee:


And there you have it! ๐Ÿ˜€

This is pretty funny…so…

So yeah…I didn’t really plan on posting anything they did related to Halloween but it’s some INS updates and Twitter updates and these costumes are pretty funny…so…

If you’re wondering why I wasn’t going to–it’s because ‘Halloween’ (pretend I’m putting my two fingers up) is just a regular day for me. October 31st! So yeah.

Key INS update

“rival companies”

cr: bumkeyk

(I know how much Onew likes chicken but to be the KFC Colonel?! Come now XD )

Key INS updates

This is our manager hyung . It’s important who wears the clothes.”

cr: bumkeyk

Jonghyun Twitter update

Jack Sparrow Inuyasha KFC Grandpa”

cr: realjonghyun90

(Minho actually kinda looks like him XD )

So Onew: Colonel Sanders

Jonghyun: Inuyasha

Key: Ronald Mcdonald

Minho: Jack Sparrow

Taemin: Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle (you might want to look that movie up)

Here’s a pic of Taemin with EXO Kai and Taemin was the blonde version of Howl, not black. Wait, I’m sorry he was the black version but he just didn’t have his wig on here XD

SMTown official Weibo

Individual pics!

(Did Onew really carry that bucket around during the party? XD ) Ah, Onew’s funny! โค

cr: SMTown official Weibo

For those who want to see pics of the SMTown Halloween party and wants to see other idols you like–SMTown official Weibo has some pics and I’m sure SMTown official Facebook will upload them later.