The story behind “Selene 6.23”

This song falls into those SHINee songs that I think are a bit underrated…

I want to tell you what this song is about because it’s very special and I think every International Shawol should know this (maybe some of you already do).

“The Distance Between Us” better known as “Selene 6.23” is a song that appeared on the 3rd album “Misconceptions of Us.”

It’s a very special song for me. The first time I heard it–I was in love XD

I loved it so much that I heard it on repeat for like two weeks. I went to my mom and told her to listen to it. You know, it just seemed like those songs she would like. Besides, she never listened to SHINee before. I think I was a Shawol for almost a year already. Anyway, that was the beginning of my mom becoming a Shawol and a fellow Taemint, haha! 😉

I looked up the lyrics and found out what the song was about. I don’t even remember what I felt. Happy? Sad? A bit of both, maybe. I remember my first thought being: “I should be singing this to you guys! Why are you singing this to me?”

I’m not kidding but this is the first thing that ever made me cry. I cried XD I admit it! I mean–it’s not like a don’t cry. But it has to be like the loss of someone I care about or like a really super sweet thing that someone does for me in order to make me cry.

I said before I’m kinda like Minho and Taemin when it comes to crying. While my mom is Jonghyun and Key! XD I just can’t cry with any little thing.

I was like: “What are they doing to me?” XD

This song is dedicated to International Shawols “because we’re separated by the distance but connected through music”. Jonghyun said in SWC3 that “this song is dedicated to International Shawols who aren’t with SHINee frequently”.

At SWC3 (SHINee World Concert III) in South Korea, the K-Shawols were telling them not to go abroad (because they would miss them) but Onew said: “They (International Shawols) are fans, too. They are all Shawols”. And Jonghyun said: “You guys think the song is about you but it’s not. The song is about the moon that is far away. You guys are close to us.”

So when they left South Korea and went to Mexico, Taemin said: “The song coming up is dedicated to you guys, since you guys are distant from us.”

This song is for all of us International Shawols 😀 It’s a really special song. Jonghyun even wrote it himself! ❤

I’m posting a video with English Subs. I felt like it HAD to be live! You guys need to see their emotions 🙂

We stan the best, don’t we? ❤




7 thoughts on “The story behind “Selene 6.23”

  1. I loved this song after hearing a particular line and had it on repeat for on God knows how long! I knew the translation, but had no idea this was for International fans! I think I might just cry again. T.T
    I’m totally going to cover this song, but for them. Good grief!

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  2. Just like you I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it! ESP JONGHYUN’s part! But I didn’t know it was dedicated of the international fans!
    Currently listening to it on repeat mode! And watching the clip you posted!!
    They are angels! I love angel Jonghyun a little more tho! ❤️💙

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