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Thanks, guys!

I’ve noticed it’s been passed 35,000 in my stats since yesterday but can you believe I’m just doing this now? XD

Thanks for the support, the comments, and the likes! ❤ Also, thanks for recognizing this little blog of mine, it means a lot.

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I’m sorry if some things aren’t updated right away because it can be a struggle sometimes due to my timezone. Like SHINee will (well, SM) have everything posted at night for me. And then I have to do a huge pile of posts at night to avoid being behind! XD South Korea is fourteen hours ahead of me. SM posts everything in the morning all the time. So I don’t get updates until like 8PM my time. And Taemin’s things keep on getting thrown at me! XD I’m trying to keep up!

Comebacks are always a busy time, especially, right? 🙂

I’m behind a little bit on some things, so thank you for your patience. Again, SM keeps throwing Taemin things at me…and…yeah XD Anyway, I got a request that hasn’t been forgotten–I’ll do my best to post that tonight. Also, Taemin had a V App video that I will post when the subs aren’t off >.<

So I’m sorry if I make you guys wait long for things sometimes. And if someone contacts me in like comments or anything–to those that went unanswered, I definitely saw them! I love comments but I don’t always know what to say so I just like them XD I appreciate all the comments I get ❤

Feel free to request things whenever you want and I’ll post them ASAP.

You guys have all my contact info on the top right that says: “About Me”. You’ll see my personal links there for any questions you have for me.

DM me, Ask me, do whatever 🙂 So thank you! I love you guys!

I’m posting a picture to celebrate of the thing that got me started with SHINee ❤


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Taemin update


cr: Taemin offical site

I’m not sure exactly what happens on that date but it looks like it has to do with Taemin’s song “Drip Drop”–which was written by Jonghyunnie 🙂


cr: Taemin official site

That was posted with Taemin’s schedule.