Onew INS update

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Jonghyun Twitter updates

He tweeted these on the day of the showcase but I couldn’t find transcripts.

I’m not sure who to credit for these but it’s not me, haha!

1st tweet

“My son! Good luck on this new start~~ ^^~* Lee Taemin fighting ♡ My Son fighting ♡ First album fighitng ♡ Go big my son ♡”

2nd tweet

“His dance was so powerful.. I was worried that my son’s legs were going to get broken~~^^~~* I shed a bit of tears as I was saw him dictating the stage like a pro~ ☆ My Taemin is all grown ♡.”

3rd tweet

Everyone, we have to accept what needs to be accepted. I was Taemin mom from our trainee days. Even if you guys were fast, probably 3 years after me. The very frist Taemin mom was me. – From 11 years Taemin mom Jonghyun with pride-“

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He’s cute 🙂

New Minho drama

Minho will be in a drama with Do Jihan called “Hwarang”. His character is the “perfect man” of Silla Generation. His name is Suho (how ironic XD )

Broadcasting will be in June and filming from Jan-May.

Source: Naver