Taemin “Music Bank” performances

“Drip Drop”

(Note: Official didn’t upload “Drip Drop” but only “Press Your Number”, so this isn’t official. Remember to ALWAYS WATCH OFFICIAL videos of those that they have. Views of official videos help towards awards for music shows and we want to help him win)

“Press Your Number”



Vyrl update


(He’s with hosts on a radio show he was on)

Okay, maybe this is just me…but! I don’t mind the long sleeves (not really, it’s kinda cute) but I can’t help thinking it has to do with the injury on his hand.

Are Stylist Noonas trying to cover it up? If he isn’t wearing long sleeves then he’s wearing the black glove thing from “Drip Drop” (on THAT particular hand)…


“Descendants of the Sun” episodes 1 and 2

It’s really just a preference where you watch them. You might be watching them through your Viki pass or you’re waiting DramaFever out. I usually watch old dramas on Viki but new ones they take way too long to give to people that don’t have passes -_-

As for DramaFever, I don’t know what the deal is because they never usually take this long. I expected the first episode, at least.

Which brings us to: DramaFire.com


Both episodes are there and already watched by me! 😉

Enjoy! ❤