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More info on Key’s character: His mind state isn’t that well and he’s always jittery. Sometimes he gets scared easily too and randomly gets mad. The guy he tortures (in a non-gruesome way), he thinks is an alien and that earth is being run over by them (this is somewhere in the beginning of the plot). He kidnaps him and tries to get information from him about other aliens, so he can prevent them from taking over earth. Like where are they hiding, where did he come from, etc. The character is played by a couple of different people on different days, I think. Key only plays him a few times but he’s still in the play quite a bit.

The main reason he wants to save the world is because of his ill mother. His sad background is the reason behind his mental state–it changed him a lot. His character was abused as a child, bullied, and physically abused at work…so yeah.

I hear the play is sad and a bit funny at times 🙂 Nothing gruesome, though, as it would sound.