Onew INS update


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DOTS cast look cute! 🙂


The Celebrity May Issue


Eeeekkk! ❤ 😀 ❤ 😀 ❤

(Note: His hair was temporarily died blue for this magazine! So his hair is still the same since the last time you saw him. Looks good, though!)

Oh, there’s a surprise!

Jonghyun hasn’t shown it yet but on Blue Night he stated that he dyed his hair.

To quote: “I did it for fun but the other members are still the same. It’s Spring  and all so I did it. The cherry blossoms are dying  so look at my hair instead”.

What he means by that is–he dyed his hair cherry blossom color. So it looks something like Onew’s “Odd” era hair color, I guess.

Just don’t be surprised the next time you see Jonghyun! 😉