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Key INS update

“you can’t call yourself a fan you poor people it was 6am , recently I have been crazily receiving messages and calls , this is really offensive and I can’t hold it anymore. To all the people that filled 600 messages on my phone please stop”


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Some sasaengs (that AREN’T EVEN SHINee SASAENGS) put a bunch of idols into their group chat on KakaoTalk and they blew up Key’s phone with notifications at 6AM.

Imagine how annoying it was that he put up with that until he finally said something.

*T4L’s Ranting Time*

Good for him! Put them in their place, Key! It’s not right!

Key has been having lots of trouble in social media these days with hurtful comments/harassment and there was even a girl that stalked Jonghyun’s INS at one point.

Please stop, people! Get lives! It’s even worse you do it with Jonghyun and Key when you don’t even care about SHINee. Don’t be trolls 😡

Anyway, Key originally had another message that was a bit “harsh” but he changed it to this one. Originally, the message was something to the effect of “you pitiful humans” and “find meaning in your lives” but he deleted that one.

The thing is–during JAT tour, you would never know anything happened with him if he didn’t post this ❤

My rant is done! It feels like I just ranted about how people were treating Key and Taemin! Now it’s Key and Jonghyun…regardless, Key is always involved in my rants these days…

Look at him!


cr: to the owner

This cutie deserves nothing but love, respect, and HAPPINESS! All of SHINee do!