Key at “Save the Green Planet” 11th show venue






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Q&A information!

I see you guys said “yes”! 😀

So, let me explain–you can ask me questions about myself or SHINee (or both) and I’ll do my best to answer all of them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be SHINee related, by the way. You can ask me anything from “what’s your favorite color?” to “what’s your favorite SHINee song?” or any question regarding a SHINee member (or SHINee as a group) that you didn’t know.

Yeah, just do whatever! 🙂

How to ask: you can DM me on Twitter, ask me on my, or email me ( Either way, make sure the subject is “SE’s Q&A”, so that I’ll know.

Everyone will be anonymous! And my Twitter and Ask links are on the side “About Me” 😉

Happy asking! ❤