SHINee’s Universities and Degrees

I don’t know how many know this–so I thought I would post it 🙂

Onew attended Chungwoon University in 2010 from (I think 2014? Or was it 2013?) and he has a Master’s Degree in “Practical Music”

Jonghyun attended Chungwoon University in 2010 and transferred to Myongji University and got his Master’s Degree in 2015 for “Movie and Musicals”

Key attended Myongji University in 2012 and transferred to Woosuk University and got a Master’s Degree in 2015  for “Movie and Musicals”

Minho is currently attending Konkuk University since 2010 and studying for a Master’s Degree in “Film and Acting”

Taemin is currently attending Myongji University since 2013 and is studying for a Bachelor’s Degree (Or Master’s Degree?) for “Movie and Musicals”

There you go! 🙂

As for Taemin, you need to get a Bachelor’s Degree before you can study for a Master’s Degree. I don’t know if he has his Bachelor’s Degree yet or not. I’m pretty sure he would by now since it’s been a couple of years but schooling might be different over there. However, if he did get a Bachelor’s Degree then he is currently studying for a Master’s!



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