SHINee’s Greeting to French Shawols!

I’m going to translate the French subtitles for you guys 🙂

Key: Hello, this is SHINee’s Key! Right now, we’re here in a Japan concert.

Key: Hello.

Minho: Oh, you’re meditating.

Jonghyun: Are you doing an abdominal breathing exercise?

Taemin: *Jokes* No, it’s chest breathing.

Key: Do you guys know any words in French?

Jonghyun: Bonjour! (Hello)

Onew: A bientot! (See you soon)

Minho: *Names French football player names* XD


“Minho the Official Master of French”

Minho: One day left for the 2016 KCON you’ve been waiting for!

Onew: Please, anticipate it with a lot of interest! See you at KCON!





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