Review: “Replay” Music Video

We have the very cliche story that was not so cliche back in 2008–all five guys in love with one girl! I don’t like Victoria from f(x) but I won’t hold that against this review.

Jonghyun meets her in a…cafe? Bookstore? Department store? I can’t tell but he seems to be walking along a street and sees her through the window.

Taemin meets her walking along the street and followers her. What normal guy wouldn’t do that, right? XD

Minho…how did he meet her? I just see him holding her hand. Oh, well!

Key, the LEAST sporty member, meets her playing basketball…

Onew meets her in the next scene were MINHO is playing basketball now and she’s going into the stands to watch the game.

I like Onew’s meeting the best. It seems the most natural to me.

Finally, she meets them all and joins them in dancing. I guess? I’ll assume she did since Taemin pulled her hand.

Speaking of the dance, it’s okay. Taemin’s dance break is my favorite. Whether you love or hate the dance–nothing changes it from being one of the iconic K-Pop dances.

Outfits? They had like five and I’m not crazy about either. If I had to pick the best outfits, it would go to the last scene.

Hairstyles are all pretty much the same–their classic debut “bowl-cut”. Jonghyun and Key probably have the best hair, though.

Overall, not one of my favorite music videos and I only watch it sometimes for nostalgia or their anniversaries. Japanese MV? 4 stars! This one? Not so much…

Rating: 2/5 Stars



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