Review: “Amigo” Music Video

This is a music video I just never really liked.

The song is meh but the dance is okay. It’s a dance I always remember–so that’s good, right? XD

Not much to say on the clothes or hair when it’s just the “debut era”. Either you love them or hate them. Some clothes are okay and the hair is just meh. Why is it “Love Like Oxygen” hair was better?

Maybe I need to look up the lyrics again (it was a long time ago) but I don’t get why this girl has an aura. I get the heartbeat part (the song is about a girl with a cold heart etc.) but I don’t understand the yellow stuff coming out.

Also, this music video is nothing but Minho chasing a girl for four minutes with little clips of the other members and barely seeing the dance…exciting.

Rating: 1/5 Stars

Harsh? Nah! What’s there to like? Really? I don’t even like the song 😦


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