Review: “Juliette” Music Video

Ah, finally out of the “debut era”! 🙂 *Claps hands*

Let me get this out of the way, first–I HATED Taemin’s hair during this era. He looks like Curly Top >.< I didn’t like Jonghyun’s, either. However, this is Onew’s best era for hair (and “Dream Girl”)! Key’s hair is cute. Minho’s is nice! Three out of five members isn’t bad at all XD

Nice story behind the whole music video. Our Romeo (SHINee) meeting Juliette at the masquerade ball and trying to find her. Fun fact: the girl is Krystal from f(x) 🙂 The only girl I like from f(x) and an actual girl I like–there’s a bonus!

I like the first clothes (with the colored pants) better than the second clothes.

I love the song and the dance! The dance is fun 🙂

Rating: 4/5 Stars

The Japanese MV would get five stars but this didn’t. Why? The Japanese one is better because…they don’t FIND Juliette in that version. Here, they find her. They’re not supposed to find Juliette!!!!

Eh, that’s the one problem I have with this music video.


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