Review: “Ring Ding Dong” Music Video

We have SHINee dancing one of their best dances on top of a roof and (one of my favorite parts) in water! 😀

Let me just say, this was one of my favorite hairstyles for Jonghyun. The others I don’t really like too much and I hate Minho’s >.<

The clothes are okay. I like the red and black ones!

I never understood something–they’re suppose to be butterflies but have angel wings in the end? o.O

I like the music video but I like others more. Overall, enjoyable! Ah, nostalgia :’)

Rating: 3 1/2/5 Stars


One thought on “Review: “Ring Ding Dong” Music Video

  1. While this isn’t my favorite MV, there are worse; just like the song itself. You got some nice cool outfits in here, but I never really understood this MV and the props are so cheap looking. SM as more than enough dough to deliver a better set. >_>


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