Review: “Hello” The Second Album Repackage

Yep, the repackage of “Lucifer”! πŸ˜‰

1: “Lucifer”

Ah, I love this song! This, “Hello”, “Ring Ding Dong”, and “Sherlock” were all title tracks that helped me grow in my Shawol years. I can sing this whole song in Korean and it isn’t easy–that’s how much I listened to it! ❀

2: “Hello”

This song :’) It just gets me every time. My very first SHINee song I heard and I just get a warm bubbly feeling every time I hear it! πŸ™‚ ❀

3: “ν•˜λ‚˜ (One)”

This song didn’t do much for me. I just never remember it and it’s a tad bit boring for me.

4: “Get It”

Do we need another Key and Minho rap song? Nope! πŸ˜€

5: “Up & Down”

I always liked this song. They should perform it more. Imagine them in a prop rollercoaster?! What a fun performance XD

6: “Electric Heart”

I’ve always had a soft spot for this song. It’s pretty πŸ™‚

7: “A-Yo”

Another song I’ve always liked. It’s catchy! Does it make sense to say it’s cute? XD

8: “μš• (Obsession)”

This song pulls at my heartstrings. The emotion, the lyrics, the masterpiece that Jonghyun created :’)

9: “ν™”μ‚΄ (Quasimodo)”

Definitely one of my top ballads! It’s pretty and I like adlibs from Jonghyun in this. So much emotion!

10: “μ•… (Shout Out)”

Okay, so I used to not like this song at all! Then very recently (like two weeks ago) I came across it by accident and now I listen to it all the time XD It’s catchy and strangely addictive! Taemin actually raps, too–yay!


Annoying and the autotune is terrible…never liked it 😦

12: “Your Name”

I like the chorus but that’s all it has going for it. Meh!

13: “Life”

One of my favorite SHINee ballads ever!

14: “Ready or Not”

Catchy song and I didn’t used to always like it but I have for the past two years (since I heard it over again).

15: “Love Pain”

Can never remember it >.<

16: “사.계.ν›„ (Love Still Goes On)”

Probably the worst on the album!

Rating: 4/5 Stars

There’s a reason I own this album, Shawols! ❀


One thought on “Review: “Hello” The Second Album Repackage

  1. I’ll save my thoughts for the music videos of “Lucifer” and “Hello”.

    This album was barely okay. “Obsession” is the best song on here. I found all the ballads on here to be boring and it came to a point where all of them sounded alike. When it comes to their ballads; I think the best ones come from their Japanese releases, for the most part. “Ready or Not” and “Up & Down” are good ever so often but that’s it. The four minute “A-Yo” got tiresome to listen to. All the rest of songs were are even more generic than the three I just named, or just plain bad.

    Yeah, I never really cared for this album. Maybe I need to give it another listen, but I tried that before, and I wasn’t feeling it. :/


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