Review: “The First” The First Japanese Album

1: “Lucifer (Japanese ver.)”

It’s sad…how much I love the original and hate the Japanese one 😦

2: “Amigo (Japanese ver.)”

This version is better but the song is still meh…

3: “Juliette (Japanese ver.)”

Actually, it’s one of the better Japanese versions. It’s not too cringy.

4: “Better”

I’ve always liked this song. Nice piano arrangements ❤ And good adlibs by Jonghyun that aren’t hammy 😛

5: “To Your Heart”

This song is way too underrated. Give it some love, people! It deserves love.

6: “Always Love”

Whenever I listen to the original–I keep expecting the tribal part XD Hey, that’s the version I grew up on!

7: “Replay (Japanese ver.)”

I was raised on the original Korean one, so I’m sorry to say this is a bit cringy…eh, I get used to  it enough, though…but it doesn’t make me like it any better!

8: “START”

The album was doing so good, too. I just want this song to end 😦

9: “Love Like Oxygen (Japanese ver.)

Earplugs! Someone give me earplugs >.< Ugh…I can’t take this version…

10: “Hello (Japanese ver.)

I heard it once and never wanted to hear it ever again. It will stay that way! 😦

11: “The SHINee World (Japanese ver.)”

Sure, make the song even worse. I didn’t think it was possible! Everything sounds so forced…

12: “Seesaw”

I like this song a lot better than I used to. It’s okay! Not worth having in my playlist, though. Love the performance! 😀

13: “Stranger”

I love both this version and the Korean version. One of SHINee’s best!

Rating: 3/5 Stars

This album would get more if it weren’t for the cringe-worthy Japanese versions. Other than that, it’s not a bad album at all. If I were Japanese and got remakes of their original songs (which is basically all this is), I would give it four stars. However, I’m too raised on Korean for me to appreciate the Japanese versions, sorry…


One thought on “Review: “The First” The First Japanese Album

  1. This is a pretty solid album, and some of the new songs were pretty good. Some Japanese songs sound pretty good, and I actually have the Japanese version of “Hello” in my playlist. 🙂 Now if we were to speak of the Japanese version of “Sherlock”, however…


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