Review: “Sherlock” The 4th Mini Album

1: “Sherlock (Clue + Note)”

We just refer to this as “Sherlock” because no one really has time for that 😛 It’s a mixture of the songs “Clue” and “Note”. Ah, what a classic! Doesn’t it just get to you? :’) One of their best! ❤

2: “Clue”

This is the version that’s most different from “Sherlock” but also most similar. It’s okay every once in a blue moon if you want to hear adlibs from Jonghyun and the members having their parts switched around.

3: “Note”

This isn’t really much different. What’s the point? I never understood this…

4: “Alarm Clock”

I never had a problem with this song. I listen to it often, actually. I think it’s underrated 😦

5: “The Reason”

Beautiful, just beautiful ❤ What’s not to love? 😀 This is at the top for their R&B songs! My favorite part is Onew’s high note and the guitar ❤

6: “Stranger (Korean ver.)”

I reviewed the Japanaese version on “The First”, so you can imagine me loving this version more–as I stated in that review ❤

7: “Honesty”

Do you all know Jessie’s song in “Toy Story 2”? That’s what it always reminded me of! XD But Jessie’s song is better, which doesn’t say much for this. While the lyrics are nice (they wrote this for Shawols), I just don’t like the song…sorry, boys 😦

Rating: 4 1/2/5 Stars

“Honesty” just had to mess it up! 😡


One thought on “Review: “Sherlock” The 4th Mini Album

  1. I have mixed feelings on this mini. While it does feature “Sherlock”, I feel “Clue” and “Note” were both pointless. “Honesty” is forgettable. I could never get into “Alarm Clock” due to that annoying sound in the background. “The Reason” is nice, as well as “Stranger”, but the latter is nothing new. Still, it does have “Sherlock”, but I wish this album didn’t waste spots on filler songs like “Clue” and “Note”.


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