Review: “The Misconceptions of Us” 3rd Full Album

1: “Spoiler”

This is the song that tries to trick you into thinking it’s “Sherlock” at the beginning! XD I always liked this song and loved how Jonghyun incorporated all of their songs on this album into the lyrics. Genius! 🙂

2: “Dream Girl”

No complaints here ❤

3: “히치하이킹 (Hitchhiking)”

I was sooooo happy when they performed this at year-end awards recently. Heart eyes appeared. It’s a good song and I’ve always liked the dance. It’s nice whenever I get to see videos of them performing it (it’s kinda rare).

4: “Punch Drunk Love”

One of the few SHINee songs I hate…it’s just…ugh >.<

5: “Girls, Girls, Girls”

Don’t tell me this isn’t one of the cutest SHINee songs ever! ❤

6: “방백 (Aside)”

This is one of those underrated SHINee songs that should be appreciated. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s a nice ballad!

7: “아름다워 (Beautiful)”

This song is just so cute and the dance is even more adorable (if you haven’t see the dance, it’s a must see!) ❤

8: “다이너마이트 (Dynamite)”

If you don’t love the song already, you should love it for Minho’s rap 😉

9: “Runaway”

“Hey, love, let’s run away”–that’s all I ever remember. Meh! >.<

10: “Selene 6.23”

One of their best songs beautifully written for international Shawols by Jonghyun :’)

11: “Nightmare”

I like this song more than I used to but it’s still kinda creepy. Not worth having on my playlist ^^;

12: “Why So Serious?”

Am I the only one that thinks it’s their most underrated track song? Well, one of them. It’s good! Also, it’s like their only rock song XD Appreciate it 😉

13: “SHINe (Medusa I)

I could talk about how much I love the performance all day but I’ll stick to the song. We get a nice song with part of SHINee’s name in it and another one of Minho’s amazing raps. Ah, such a good song 🙂

14: “Orgel (Music Box)”

This song isn’t bad. I love the performance a lot more than the song, though. I really do love the harmonization, though!

15: “Dangerous (Medusa II)”

I never had a problem with this song. Others are better but it isn’t bad. I listen to it sometimes.

16: “Like a Fire”

Another underrated song! It’s one of their best 😛

17: “Excuse Me, Miss”

One of the worst on the album. It never did anything for me and it’s too boring to remember after you listen to it…

18: “Evil”

No one talk to me who doesn’t like this song 😛 Can you even be a Shawol if you don’t like this song? XD

19: “떠나지 못해 (Sleepless Night)”

Wow, I completely forgot this song. Where’s the chorus? There’s nothing worse than a song you can’t find the chorus >.< And it’s boring 😦

20: “Better Off”

Another one of their best ballads. They need to perform this more ❤

Rating: 4/5 Stars

This is one of SHINee’s best albums but there were just a few songs that kept it from being a five. Other than that, it’s pretty much gold.



One thought on “Review: “The Misconceptions of Us” 3rd Full Album

  1. Although you like a few more songs on here than I care for, this is still a pretty nice album and it has some really nice songs. I can also say that “Evil” is probably the best song on here.

    Putting “Lucifer” aside; I think “Why So Serious?” is one of their weaker songs and music videos, I can’t say the choreography stood out, either. But I think what really hurt this song and its music video was the absence of Jonghyun. Why SM couldn’t wait a little for his return is beyond me. :/


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