My Bias List

It’s asked a lot–so here you go!

For the record, just because I have biases of groups–doesn’t mean I stan them. I’m only a Shawol and a Jumping BoA. I am not a SONE, EXO-L, ELF, none of that. If I don’t love a group with all my heart unconditionally and don’t stan them that much–then I’m not apart of their fandom. It’s not fair to call myself apart of a fandom where there are true fans. I listen to some other songs from other groups but I don’t stan them. I only really adore some members (hence, my biases) but that’s it.

I don’t need another group or another fandom. I’m happy as a Shawol! ❀

I listen to lots of groups (too many) to give them chances but I just don’t like them like SHINee. The only group I’ve ever been close to liking as much as SHINee is EXO but that’s it. I’m still not an EXO-L. Oh, I do love SuJu, too! I’ve known SuJu as long as SHINee ❀

Ah, they don’t make groups like they used to. The problem is–too many sound alike!

1: SHINee’s Lee Taemin (Ultimate Bias)


Surprise! πŸ˜› Ultimate Bias just means I love Taemin above all and none of my other biases will ever come close to my love for him (hence, Ultimate Bias). Taemin is…too perfect for this world XD I love him a lot. I truly respect the type of person he is and I hope to meet a guy half as good as him one day. Wait, what am I saying? I’ll meet him! XD But I was referring to like a future husband…if that ever happens, hehe…

2: SHINee’s Choi Minho


In my “beginner Shawol days”, he wasn’t anywhere close to being in my bias list. Honestly, I never even liked him. Well, I liked all SHINee members but I never liked him enough to be a bias, you know. Stupid, I know. But this bias-wrecker changed everything in the past two years and I’ve loved him as much as Taemin now! Well…almost as much…very, very close XD

3: Kwon BoA


What? Who cares if she’s not in a group! She’s my bias and I love her πŸ˜› BoA is such a good person and deserves a lot more love than she gets. Without her, K-Pop wouldn’t even exist. She paved the way for all the idols these days! She deserves all the love and respect in the world. Forever the Queen of K-Pop! πŸ˜‰

4: EXO’s Lay (Zhang Yixing)


If Taemin and Minho didn’t corrupt my heart so much, there’s a possibility Lay would be my Ultimate Bias. I just love him so much! His cute little dimple, his voice (which has the power to make Chinese sound better in my ears XD ), and he’s such an amazing person! His words teach me a lot of things–no joke. I have so much respect for him. But he makes me worry because he works too hard and he has poor health and a waist injury for life. *Sigh* Long story on this one and it breaks my heart. However, I will continue to love and support him through all my worries! πŸ™‚

5: Girls’ Generation Choi Sooyoung


I have only one thing to say. What is there not to love about Sooyoung? Hmm? That’s right! Nothing ❀

6: EXO’S Kai (Kim Jongin)


One of the biggest hearts I know in one body. The fact that him and Taemin are best friends brings hearts into my eyes XD I can see why they are ❀

7: Super Junior’s Eunhyuk (Lee Hyukjae)


He’s so adorable! πŸ˜€ A little teddy bear you want to cuddle and an absolute sweetheart! ❀

As for the rest of the SHINee members (Onew, Jonghyun, and Key), they’re in my bias list–of course! They’re tied together with OT5 in the center of my heart…forever No.1!


7 thoughts on “My Bias List

  1. Cheat cheat! You can’t have Taemin and Minho, for they are both of SHINee. It’s one or the other; which means, Minho won’t make the cut.

    I know of all these people except Zhang Yixing, but I don’t keep up with Chinese releases, so no wonder.


  2. There is no more EXO-K or EXO-M. They’ve been put together for over a year.

    Even when they were separate, they released the same things but just different languages. There are no “Chinese releases” XD It’s just Chinese versions of the same songs put on the same album.

    And that’s because he is Chinese but his Korean name is Lay. He only uses his real name when he does solo activities in China.

    And why am I saying all this like you care? XD


    • I thought EXO-M was still around. :/ But the issues that SM had with poor Tao and Kris should had made me realize.

      I knew they they did Chinese covers of their K-pop, that’s what I meant. Either way, when EXO-M was around, wasn’t that where Lay was?

      Who knows, maybe I’m a EXO-L. πŸ˜‰

      *starts listening to Monster*


      • If you were an EXO-L you would know all this πŸ˜›

        And it’s Luhan and Kris. SM had nothing to do with Tao…

        Lay was part of EXO-M but there are times he was EXO-K. EXO is always one but they were just sub-units at one point. Or EXO-K was part of EXO-M sometimes because they sang Chinese in some songs, too.

        So EXO is still EXO whether you’re K or M!


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