“Sayonara Hitori” 1st Japanese Mini Album

Taemin will debut in Japan with his first mini album “Sayonara Hitori” on July 27th!

He will hold a showcase for it on his birthday (July 18th) and the album has five songs.


1: ” Sayonara Hitori” (Solitary Goodbye)

2: “Press Your Number (Japanese Version)”

3: “Tiger”

4: “Final Dragon”

5: “Sekai de Ichiban Aishita Hito” (The Person I Loved Most in This World)

Cover for the special edition album (I’M BUYING THIS ONE!)

Taemin-- Sayonara Hitori

Cover for the regular album

Taemin-- Sayonara Hitori 2.jpg

He now has an official Japan site: http://www.shinee.jp/taemin/

I fangirled liked crazy at first but I’m okay now XD

Yeah, I was waiting for this 😉 ❤


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