Review: “Dazzling Girl” Music Video

Had to go to another source for this one!

What we have here is our boys taking a plain girl and making her “dazzling” 😉 She imagines all this through the mirror.

Key is in charge of her stylist clothes, Taemin does her makeup, Minho styles her hair, Jonghyun is her photographer, and Onew…Onew is…is…posting her photos on the internet? Sounds good! XD

These hairstyles I’ve always liked. But Key’s is a bit too short for my taste…

I’ve always liked the clothes! “Dazzling Girl” was one of my favorite eras. Some of them could do without the fur, though. Also, Jonghyun could button up a bit…

The dance is one of my favorites! I feel like I say that about a lot XD But it’s really good! The chorus is the best part.

The song is probably one of their best Japanese pop songs! I think so, anyway 🙂

Rating: 5 Stars

Japanese MVs are the best! ❤



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