Review: “Fire” Music Video

Erm…for the plot…watch the music video XD I’m just never really good at explaining “Fire”…

Well, the fire represents love. SHINee is giving out love to those who don’t have any. Those who received love, pass it along to others. In the end, they all pass it back to SHINee. So SHINee gave love in the beginning and was returned with even more love in the end. Something like that…I suck at explaining XD If I didn’t explain well, it might help to look up the lyrics.

The hairstyles were good! Minho’s was the best ❤ I’m not too crazy about how Taemin’s was styled. It’s meh! Key’s hair color is too yellowish for me but it’s okay.

The clothes are fine! Nothing to really dislike here–no complaints 🙂

Now the song is just…beautiful ❤ The harmony :’)

Rating: 5 Stars


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