Taemin to Appear in “Hit the Stage”

“Hit the Stage” is a new dance competition show by Mnet that will air on July 27th!

It’s like how “Dancing 9” was a bit but celebrity version. All contestants are split into teams. They’re ranked every week. They’re able to decide music, choreography, stage concept, etc.

Stars to appear

SHINee’s Taemin

SNSD’s Hyoyeon

Sistar’s Bora

Infinite’s Hoya

Block B’s U-Kwon

Monster X’s Shownu

Twice’s  Momo

NCT-U’s Ten

Looking forward to this! 😀

Taemin and Hyoyeon can finally be on a show that showcases their dancing skills ❤ I hope they’re on the same team!


5 thoughts on “Taemin to Appear in “Hit the Stage”

      • Judges: “So, what song will you dance to, Taemin?”
        Taemin: “Drip Drop.”
        Judges: “Ohhh! Drip Drop! All right. Well, good luck, Taemin.”
        Taemin: “Ahaha! Thank you. Thank you.”

        *Drip Drop plays. Taemin dances. Taemin slays. Crowd goes wild*

        Judges: “Wow! Perfect, Taemin! Perfect! Ten out of ten!”
        Taemin: *waves hand* “Ah, it was nothing.”

        See what I mean? 😮


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