Review: “Boys Meet U” Music Video

This video is super cute! And isn’t it just a nice Summer song? 😀 They’re playing on the beach and riding their bikes! By the way, at this time–Jonghyun didn’t know how to ride a bike (I feel you, Jonghyun), so he had to share those double ones with Key.

These boys are singing about all the difference girls they like and “watching them go by”…hmm…always thought this song was a bit on the perverted side…but…whatever!

I would feel a little scared having five guys stalking me if I were this girl, though! But if it were SHINee… 😉

Isn’t the cafe scene super adorable?! ❤

I like all hairstyles in this (again, Key is a bit too yellow) and the clothes are just so beachy!

Rating: 4/5 Stars

You can’t go all Summer without watching this once or listening to the song!


3 thoughts on “Review: “Boys Meet U” Music Video

  1. This music video and song is fun and catchy. This is definitely the official SHINee song of Summer!

    I don’t know if our boys were really stalking her, though. It’s more like they just happen to bump into her, hence, “Boys Meet U”.


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