Review: “Everybody” 5th Mini Album Review

1: “Everybody”

Amazing dance (best SHINee dance ever) to accompany a great song! *Claps hands*

2: “상사병 (Symptoms)”

I always liked this song. Nice harmony ❤

3: “빗 속 뉴욕 (Queen Of New York)”

I didn’t use to like this song. But then it grew on me! Pretty catchy, in fact. The performance is one of their best.

4: “1분만 (One Minute Back)”

Am I the only one who thinks this song is underrated?  Check out the performance, you won’t regret it!

5: “Destination”

Don’t tell me this doesn’t deserve to be in the “SHINee’s Best” list! By the way, this is Minho’s best rap! ❤

6: “Close the Door”

Can one album not have one bad song? I feel like it’s impossible! It’s meh >.< Boring and doesn’t do anything for me.

7: “Colorful”
What a fun and cute song! I feel like I can only listen to it during Christmas, though… XD

Rating: 5 Stars

One bad song isn’t going to keep this album from being gold!


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