Onew at Incheon Airport to Malaysia

This is for a show Onew will appear on. I forget the title…”Eat Sleep Eat”? Something like that? Anyway, he’s traveling to (three?) different countries with other people (it’s a variety show with a certain amount of episodes) and they’ll be trying different foods. Something like that XD

Onew--Incheon AirportOnew--Incheon Airport 5Onew--Incheon Airport 4Onew--Incheon Airport 3Onew--Incheon Airport 2

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7 thoughts on “Onew at Incheon Airport to Malaysia

  1. Awwww.. Even the mask shapes up to his smile.. Hahaha.. Its a variety eating show right? I hope they will give him buckets and buckets of chicken.
    I just discovered yesterday that he can tap dance. Did you know that?

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