Happy 4th Anniversary to Me!

This very date is the first time I saw SHINee in my entire life! :’)

(I have to make this kinda short because I’m not really supposed to be typing with an injured wrist but eh!) It was at my cousin’s house and she showed me “Hello” music video. I think the second thing I saw was either “Ring Ding Dong” or “Sherlock” but I’m pretty sure it was “Sherlock”.

IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! ❤ I was an instant Taemint. Ah, how lucky I am to have them in my life! :’)

Oh, to celebrate the occasion–I made myself a cupcake (from scratch) and made it pearl aqua color! I was very proud of it and it was tasty, too XD

My SHINee 4th Year Anniversary Cupcake.jpg

Here’s to stanning them another four years and so on!


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