Review: Taemin–“Danger” Music Video

I’ll be honest, from day one I never liked this music video. As an adoring Taemint, I was very disappointed. I wanted so bad to like it! 😦 However, after streaming it so many times–I got used to it, I guess? But I still don’t really like it.

What is it about it I don’t like? Probably the jewelry and the makeup. Eh, “Danger” era wasn’t one of my favorites but I loved his black hair!

The plot has Taemin being a thief stealing a girl’s heart XD He already has mine and he can keep it, hehe! 😉

The clothes are okay. It really depends on what suit. I didn’t like the animal prints ones he wore but I like the white ones. Wait…did he wear the animal print ones in this or was that a music show? Time for a recap! >.< Oh, I did like the red ones, too.

Again, I like the hair!

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Meh! Not doing much for me. Maybe back in the day it would have gotten more stars but is it the fact I like his other solo things so much more? Maybe that’s why this one doesn’t do much for me. WHAT HAS “Press Your Number” DONE TO ME?!!! ❤

Oh, please wait on that review, okay? 😉



One thought on “Review: Taemin–“Danger” Music Video

  1. Not quite sure where I stand on this. Sort of somewhere in the middle. I don’t find the makeup much different from “Everybody”. And this era was probably his best overall. The choreography (something T4L failed to mention) was actually pretty good.

    There really isn’t much to this music video. I feel it just focuses more on the dance than an actual story; something “Press Your Number” failed to do. While the production values certainly weren’t as high as “PYN”, I feel this captured my eye a little more, even though the song was somewhat lacking. It was probably due to the dance, which I find better than “Press Your Number”.


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