Review: “I’m Your Boy” Third Japanese Album

1: “Downtown Baby”

When I first heard it, I remember loving the music video so much more than the song. It was okay but it wasn’t their best title track. I feel the same only I like it more now 🙂

2: “Lucky Star”

I still wonder if this song is worth having on my playlist but I like it a lot more than I used to. Isn’t it a bit disco? XD It’s a fun song for Summer!

3: “Everybody (Japanese Ver.)”

I love the original song but I suppose I won’t let the fact it’s Japanese ruin it. I’ve grown accustomed to it now. It’s one of the better Japanese versions.

4: “Picasso”

When I first heard this–I was hooked! It’s definitely one of their best! ❤

5: “3 2 1”

If you don’t like this…….we can’t be friends 😛

6: “365”

While it’s a very enjoyable R&B (which I do like, of course) I still like others more. But, nonetheless, it’s very good! 🙂

7: “Sunny Day Hero”

Ah, the golden Summer song! ❤

8: “Perfect 10”

I never had a problem with this song. It’s so cute!

9: “Bounce”

What’s that? It’s pushing towards cabaret? And I hate cabaret? Please, don’t insult! This is what you call jazz, guys! Big difference! Cabaret is a mess and I hate it -_- This is jazz that makes you want to bounce! 😉

10: “Dream Girl (Japanese Ver.)”

As much as I like this song–the Japanese here ruins it for me. I can’t let it go like I did for “Everybody”! *Shivers*

11: “Colors of the Season”

Such a beautiful song with beautiful harmony. You can’t go all Fall without listening to it once, at least ❤

12: “Boys Meet U”

Check my review of it with the music video 😉

Rating: 5/5 Stars

I see no problem here, folks! I have to put up with the Japanese version of “Dream Girl” but it’s worth it ❤


One thought on “Review: “I’m Your Boy” Third Japanese Album

  1. This album would have to be right behind “Boys Meet U” for best album. Four new song, which are pretty good for the most part, even if “Perfect 10” wasn’t all that. “Boys Meet U” is still considered my SHINee summer jam though.

    But, yeah, really good album here.


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