Pic of Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Pic of Sunday, August 7th, 2016

cr: SM


One thought on “Pic of Sunday, August 7th, 2016

  1. Welcome to Cybuster’s Pic of the Week Review for the first show of August! Let’s begin this month with a great pic! 😀

    Pose: We start off August with a solo pic of our boy, Taemin. He is sitting on a desk, sort of Indian style, if I may say. That grey background is a bit drab, but I like the pose. 8/10

    Outfit: An off-white turtleneck, rolled-up pair of jeans, and some untied sneakers. It is what it is. If you pay attention, you’ll notice his sneakers aren’t completely on, and to make it worse, he’s not wearing any socks. :/ This outfit is all right, albeit – messy. Fix his shoes, put on some socks, roll down the pants, and we’d really have something here, even if I don’t care for turtlenecks. 7/10

    Hairstyle: It’s blond… a blond Taemin. :/ The style is pretty good, but a bit frizzy all over. It’s also blond. 😦 7/10

    Overall – 7.5/10

    Had he fixed up his clothing and had dark-colored hair, we’d be looking at something better than a 7.5, but this is what we get.

    Thanks for reading. See you all next week! 😀


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