Review: Jonghyun–“Base” First Mini Album

1: “Déjà-Boo”

I don’t care for this song at all but it’s still one of the better ones on the album. Can you guess how well this album will do? -.-

2: “Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)”

Not a bad title track at all! There’s one problem, though…THAT MAN YELLING IN MY EARS FOR TWO MINUTES!!! Ugh… >_<

3: “Hallelujah”

Ah, I love this song! ❤ By far, best song on the album.

4: “Love Belt (Feat. YounHa)”

This song bores me so much–I can never remember it. Sorry, Jonghyun…

5: “NEON”

One of the better songs on the album. Worthy of having it in my playlist? Nah! Not really…


I always liked this song. It’s one of my favorite Jonghyun solo songs ❤

7: “Beautiful Tonight (Bonus Track)”

Soothing. It’s okay every once in awhile but it’s still meh. But compared to other songs on this album, it’s not bad.

8: “Fortune Cookie (Hidden Track)”

I don’t know what worse-this or “Love Belt”. Probably this…which isn’t good. Someone tell me where the chorus is >.<

Rating: 3/5 Stars

A bit generous but it’s worth it for “Hallelujah” alone. It’s a good album to buy for a collection, though! Who wouldn’t want a SHINee member’s first album? 😀


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