Review: Jonghyun–“Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)” Music Video

Where do I even?

Well, for one thing, I can’t really review something I don’t understand. Why is he shirtless (fanservice, I know), why does he have a gas mask on, and why is there a giant spider?

Why is he chained up?!!! Even the lyrics don’t help me understand this music video. Why does Jonghyun always make things complex? Ah, you know I love you, though :*

Anyway, this hair was one of his best.

Also, the clothes he wore during this era was good. Nothing amazing but nothing bad. Just…classy 🙂

Rating: 3 1/2/5 Stars

I’m just not a fan overall but there’s lots of Shawols who love this, Jonghyun ❤


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