Pic of Sunday, August 21st, 2016

Pic of Sunday, August 21st, 2016

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One thought on “Pic of Sunday, August 21st, 2016

  1. Welcome to Cybuster’s Pic of the Week Review! 😀

    Pose: It’s a Key walking through some bay port towards the camera with his head down. Not quite sure, but I’ll go with a bay port! 😀 The pose is pretty good, and COSMOPOLITAN has yet again, added real scenery; and while it is real, it isn’t much for the eyes; mostly a street, really. :/ But I won’t be too picky here. 8/10

    Outfit: Looks quite cold. Key is dressed to keep warm with his coat and sweater. The sweater design may be a tad ugly, and to have it tucked in looks a bit odd. I think it would look better if he had a belt with the pants. The hat works here but it could lose the stripes. The shoes? Eh. They are the same pair in last week’s pic. Not only that, they don’t go well with the rest of the getup. Where did white sneakers come from? A dark color would have been preferred. 7/10

    Hairstyle: Great color! I can hair see a little of the style, but the hat does hinder it somewhat. 7.5/10

    Overall – 7.5/10

    The outfit wasn’t really anything too spectacular, and the hair was okay for wearing a hat. The pose was the best thing here; I only wish the scenery was something more than 80% street.

    That’s all for this week. Until next week. Take care! 😀


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