SM Hawaii Vacation Update

SM stated the artists will leave for their flight secretly so that fans don’t follow.

These are the artists said to be going:



Super Junior

SNSD (minus Tiffany)




Red Velvet

And they’ll be going along with SM staff and CEOs.

I’m currently trying to figure out which members of SHINee are going. SM said artists who have schedules and Tiffany aren’t going.

Taemin is in Japan from a schedule so he might not be going or joining later. I don’t know. We’re all left in the dark and waiting to see.

I’ll update you guys in the morning 🙂



4 thoughts on “SM Hawaii Vacation Update

  1. UPDATE: I heard none of the SHINee members went. Taemin is staying in Japan for the time and they’re all busy with concert preparations.

    Not all the EXO members went, either. So the fact SM said “We cleared everyone’s schedules so that they could attend”, was a complete lie.


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