Review: “DxDxD” 4th Japanese Album

1: “DxDxD”

Doesn’t it just make you want to “dance, dance, dance”? XD I couldn’t resist. BUT LISTEN TO ALL FIVE OF THEM SLAYING THAT RAP!!!

2: “Wishful Thinking”

I had to hear this again because I only remembered the chorus and not the rest. Even Onew’s rap couldn’t save this song >_<

3: “Wanted”

Next to “DxDxD”, this is definitely best on the album (and listen to Taemin’s rap)! ❤

4: “Boys Will Be Boys”

I’m trying to decide which is worse–this or “Wishful Thinking”? This might be the worst on the album for me.

5: “View (Japanese Ver.)”

This is a Japanese version that doesn’t make me cringe, actually. It doesn’t sound like they’re squeezing words in–so not bad 🙂

6: “Your Number”

Ah, this was my jam back in March of 2015 XD No complaints!

7: “Good Good Feeling”

Meh! Not good and not bad. It just doesn’t do anything for me.

8: “Photograph”

This song (and performance) is so cuuuute! ❤

9: “Sweet Surprise”

This song is so beautiful!! Do you ever hear such beauty you want to cry? XD I’m exaggerating but I really love the chorus and guitar in the background throughout. Also, the falsettos :’)

10: “Sing Your Song”

Ah, this song ❤ A bonus for this song is the fact Minho is actually showcasing his vocals (that I know he has and never gets to display) and does a HIGH NOTE!!! This song will always be special to me for that 🙂

11: “Moon Drop”

Another good ballad by SHINee! I feel like they do the best ballads and especially Japanese ones :’) Especially these days! They spoil me XD

12: “Love”

This song…this song…*Sigh* With all the special SHINee songs in my heart this has to be in the top five. This song is beautiful and absolute perfection. Listen to those instruments :’) I refuse to talk with anyone who doesn’t like this song 😛 We all must think of Tokyo Dome now and get a warm feeling in our chest, right? :’)

Rating: 4 1/2/5 Stars

A few songs made this not get a five for me but this is definitely close to perfection! Overall, I say this is better than “I’m Your Boy” and that album was really good, too! There are just so many special songs on here for me 🙂


3 thoughts on “Review: “DxDxD” 4th Japanese Album

  1. Eh, I’ll take “I’m Your Boy” The title track wasn’t great at all, and other than a couple of new songs, nothing stood out. The best songs on here are all the previous released Japanese songs. As for the new ones; the best one was probably the “Fire” 2.0 of “Moon Drop”. Just like “Odd”, I felt this was another waste of a full album.


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