Review: Taemin–“Press It” 1st Full Album

1: “Drip Drop”

I probably like this song more than some people ^^;; Actually, a lot of people liked it–what am I talking about? XD Of course, everyone talked about the dance much more ❤

2: “Press Your Number”

I was nervous for this one. Honestly, I wasn’t a HUGE fan of his first title track and I thought from the teaser I might not end up liking this, too. Boy, was I wrong! My UB did not let me down and I absolutely love it!

3: “Soldier”

As if this song wasn’t nice already, Taemin had to go and write the lyrics and make it even better :’) One of my faves!

4: “Already”

I just love this song so much! Thank you for composing and writing such a masterpiece, Jonghyun! ❤ By the way, most people don’t know this–Jonghyun does backup vocals in this and you can hear his voice in the chorus, too. I thought that was a nice touch for Jonghyun to lend his voice!

5: “Guess Who”

Now it comes to my least favorite…it’s still not a bad song. Definitely not! I just like others a lot more ^^;;

6: “One by One”

I’m glad Taemin suggested to the director about putting a guitar in here–it’s a nice touch 🙂 Another great song!

7: “Mystery Lover”

I need a moment…


8: “Sexuality”

I used to not like this song as much (I always liked it but not as much as others), however, I like it even more now. The rearranged version is really good, too, even better than the original!

9: “Until Today”

This is a nice soothing ballad where I can just listen to Taemin’s voice all day ❤

10: “Hypnosis”

Someone hold me :’) His voice…song…ah, I need another moment


Rating: 5/5 Stars

This album doesn’t deserve anything less! ❤


One thought on “Review: Taemin–“Press It” 1st Full Album

  1. There were a few songs I didn’t like on this album, but you can say that about all albums. Definitely a solid album, and worth a listen. Even if someone doesn’t know Taemin and SHINee, I think this album captures good music for anyone who likes K-pop in general. There is a song on here for everyone! 😀


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