Review: Taemin–“さよならひとり (Sayonara Hitori)” 1st Japanese Mini Album

1: “さよならひとり (Sayonara Hitori)”

Songs like these remind of how much I love Taemin’s style and why I do ❤

2: “Press Your Number (Japanese Ver.)”

I prefer the Korean version, as expected. Contrary to most Japanese versions of Korean songs, these words don’t seem to be forced into the song. Everything flows…but…Japanese is a faster language than Korean. In terms of the way you speak, you speak Korean slower than you do Japanese (which is one of the reasons Korean is easier to learn). Japanese pronunciation is quicker, therefore, they had to speed up the BGM. So is it good for a speedier version of the song and being Japanese? Yep! Is it better than the original Korean version? No way!

3: “Tiger”

I like this song but compared to others–it’s the weakest one for me. I just like the others a whole lot, I guess! XD Still very good ^_^

4: “Final Dragon”

So when will Taemin turn this into an opening/closing to an anime? XD It’s just anime-ish! So action-packed, exciting, dark, thrilling! ❤ Am I being dramatic? 😛

5: “世界で一番愛した人 (Sekaide Ichiban Aishitahito)”

Did I spell the English name correctly? o.O

Anyway, one of the best on the album! Taemin’s voice…


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Such a blessing to own an album like this with so much value in gold 😀


2 thoughts on “Review: Taemin–“さよならひとり (Sayonara Hitori)” 1st Japanese Mini Album

  1. This was okay. The lack of new tracks was pretty disappointing, I mean, only four? Not much variety either. One ballad while all the rest of the songs were upbeat. I also felt Taemin pressed the Japanese theme a bit too much. To the music video, to the name of the songs; yes, we get it, it’s your Japanese debut. :/


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