Review: Taemin–“Sayonara Hitori” Music Video

This plot is (as stated by Taemin himself) pretty much just him being stuck in between Heaven and Hell and being forever alone. A place that’s not of this world. It goes along well with the lyrics and this song translates to “Solitary Goodbye”.

He wanted to go for the oriental Japanese theme here and did just that! Look at those outfits ❤ Wait a minute…okay…but doesn’t he kind of look like a real life “Final Fantasy” character here?


Not necessarily Cloud but you get my point 😛

This is the first music video ever to use this type of CG, by the way! My favorite place in particular was the fire area. It’s cool!

You know how much I like the song and dance but I won’t hesitate to tell you again……I LOVE THEM!!! ❤

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Why does Taemin always have to make everything so perfect and make me seem like a biased Taemint? XD


2 thoughts on “Review: Taemin–“Sayonara Hitori” Music Video

    • I’ll be looking forward to that “1 of 1” review. 😀

      As for this music video; it was okay, just like the album. Even though he missed the cherry blossoms, he still tried too hard to push the Japanese theme here. And the CG, was barely passable.


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