Ways to Stream “1 of 1”!

All right, Shawols, time to get to work! *Cracks knuckles*

I took a screenshot of my laptop to show you guys how I do it (not sure how others do it but this has always worked for me, actually, haha!)


I have multiple tabs playing the music video in PRIVATE browsing. Private is important or else it would be pointless to do this. I only leave one tab with sound and mute the others because hearing a song playing in my ear multiple times at once would be annoying for anybody XD

Just open as many tabs as your computer can handle without making it laggy 🙂

The views have been stuck for awhile but they come around eventually–just be patient. For some reason, it ALWAYS happens with SHINee’s music videos -.-

Anyway, this site is a life saver, so always go here for different ways of streaming and how to support SHINee during this comeback (and they do all comebacks, so go to this site whenever SHINee has a comeback/solo) –> http://support-shinee.tumblr.com/

Good luck! ❤



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