Review: “1 of 1” 5th Full Album

1: “Prism”

This song is enjoyable! It definitely has a Jonghyun vibe to it (seeing as he took part in it) but it’s a good vibe for me this time around πŸ™‚

2: “1 of 1”

Honestly, I thought this would be another “View” at first. I thought I wouldn’t like the song first listen but I ended up really liking it! It’s nice to have a title track I can like right off the bat without adjusting to it like I did with “View”. It’s catchy! One of the reasons I like this is because I feel like it has one of the best bridges in K-Pop songs ever. I love the bridge! ❀

3: “Feel Good”

I love this song so much! It’s definitely my favorite on the album–hands down! Give this track five stars XD Everyone had their parts and showcased their voices beautifully, too πŸ™‚

4: “투λͺ… μš°μ‚° (Don’t Let Me Go)”

Known as “Invisible Umbrella” ❀ This song is one of the best on the album! I like the rain at the end πŸ™‚ Nice!

5: “Lipstick”

So far, so good, right? Well….this is where things get a little tricky for me. I don’t dislike this song but I don’t love it, either. Call it average? Just…eh, doesn’t do much for me…

6: “Don’t Stop”

This reminds me of a song from the “Odd” album. Like a slow version of “Black Hole”, maybe? XD Eh, not bad! I remember it, at least…

7: “Shift”

The intro sounds like a racing game track from “Super Nintendo” XD You know what I’m talking about, right? The background chipmunk sounding thing is a bit unnecessary. Again, not bad.

8: “U Need Me”

I hate it. I cannot listen to this, SHINee, I’m sorry. I love my boys but definitely not this song! It’s just…annoying…

9: “So Amazing”

I feel like the chorus is good! I like the chorus! The rest of the song…is just…not memorable? It’s just lacking, I don’t know. But the chorus is good πŸ™‚

Rating: 3Β½/5 Stars

This album was very hard for me. I felt three stars would be harsh but four stars too much–leaving to decide the middle!

There were songs I liked a lot and others were just in the “meh” category for me. While SHINee certainly delivered an 80s/90s album (which they deserve five stars for!), I found I’m just not really interested in that musical era too much.

For those who love that era, definitely listen to this album! It would be gold for you πŸ™‚

For me? I feel like the rating it got is fair.

I wish I could rate it five stars for the fact SHINee can do any type of music they want and do it well! I wish I could give it five stars for SHINee always trying something different for themselves and their fans–not going with the rest of the K-Pop industry (which is why K-Pop songs sound the same these days). But…I can’t 😦

Thank you, SHINee!!! ❀


4 thoughts on “Review: “1 of 1” 5th Full Album

  1. I’ve heard a couple songs over again, but maybe I need to give this whole album another listen. As of now, this album didn’t do anything for me. “1 of 1” was way too average and quite boring, and I don’t remember the others, except for “Feel Good” and “Don’t Let Me Go,” which I thought were the two best songs and only good songs on here.

    I miss “Odd”… 😦


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