What’s My Playlist?

So to answer questions of what other songs I listen to besides SHINee, what’s my playlist, do I listen to other things besides Kpop, etc. I’m sharing this with you guys.

If you follow me on Twitter–you know I stan SHINee, BoA, and Lay (from EXO). Oh, and EVERYONE knows I love Sooyoung XD Also, Krystal (f(x)) and Jessica Jung.

I do listen to other people but I don’t stan them. Also, my playlist consists of J-Pop, video game music, Disney, Michael Jackson, and a few soundtracks (or like certain themes) from movies. Contrary to being American, I do not have a single American artist on my playlist because I hate my music with a burning passion.

Here’s my Spotify playlist!


Bada is just the song she did with Ryeowook for SM Station called “Cosmic”.


I only have EXO-M there just to hear Lay’s voice for some songs XD


The amount of songs is not correct! In my playlist (that’s not Spotify) I have over a hundred songs of SHINee and more BoA songs (just more with everyone, in fact) but Spotify has a poor selection–no joke, it’s terrible.


“Various Artists” just consists of like Disney stuff.


The “Yoo Jae Suk” (Spotify spelled his name wrong) song is just the SM Station he did with EXO called “Dancing King”.

My real playlist that I listen to (which consists of thousands of songs) is on my old phone that I converted to an MP3 Player because my old one broke XD

I use Spotify when I want to hear something in particular and it’s right there on my phone next to me. Also, this gives you a general idea of the other K-Pop artists I listen to. I think the only one missing is BIGBANG but I only listen to like five songs–I’m not a fan of theirs ^^;;

So, yes, to answer your questions–I do have more music outside the SHINee World! In terms of K-Pop, SHINee and BoA will forever be my ultimates and even though I listen to others, I can never love them half as much.


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